All things new again

When one of my favorite clients recently reached out to me looking for ways to redecorate her kids' bedrooms on a budget, I jumped at the chance to rifle through all the vintage goodies in her home. I love looking at old things in new ways! With the exception of a new white duvet cover, some upholstery nailheads, and a couple wooden stools repurposed as bedside tables, this bedroom for her oldest son was curated completely from items already on hand. 

Her teenage daughter was getting a new daybed, and so her dated headboard was on its way out. A search of the garage revealed some antique rugs -- nostalgic family heirlooms that were worn heavily from years of use -- one with a large enough undamaged section to upholster the abandoned headboard. And so our redecorating concept was born!!

A short upholstering lesson later, and both my client and her son got involved padding and covering the headboard. Antique nailheads were added for extra visual effect. When parsing the old rug, we discovered several salvageable areas and decided upon having one of the fringed ends professionally hand-serged into a decorative bed cloth for the foot of the bed. Another piece was used to upholster the seat of an cool mic-century chair, which found a new home in front of an old desk that was refreshed with navy paint. Vintage playbill posters and antique collections were pulled from boxes in the garage and arrayed into colorful and striking wall decor.


An old raw pine dresser, originally slated for replacement, suddenly looked perfect in the reinvented space. A reading nook was also created using available pieces that otherwise would have been donated or sold.

The homeowner now plans to pick up a new lampshade for the desk, but even with that purchase, new materials for this large bedroom cost less than $250. With a little creative repurposing and some light sweat equity, this overhaul packs quite the visual punch using sentimental items chock-full of family history.