We have carefully curated our limited collection of standard fabrics to ensure comfort and durability as well as beauty for our consumers. Although we generally recommend professional dry cleaning, all of our fabrics are washable, subject to the instructions noted below, so that you can enjoy peace-of-mind knowing your selection can be home-laundered should the need arise.


SMOOTH VELOUR:  Max Width: 1.62 yd  |  Weight: 8.26 oz  |  Hand or cold machine wash on low; do not soak  |  Dry flat; do not wring  |  Do not iron

Our fire-rated, upholstery-grade, velvet-style velour is sumptuous and elegant with rich color, a short pile, and a soft napped hand with thick drape. This fabric is prized in our studio for its incredible softness. The print color will appear a shade darker or lighter depending on which direction the pile is viewed. The fabric has no stretch and therefore works perfectly for home furnishings, from pillows and drapery to chair and stool coverings. Durable and hard wearing, it passes the 30k Martindale rub test. The fabric is woven through a slightly rubberized scrim backing, affording this fabric substantial non-slip properties perfect for upholstering and exceeding the cigarette and match fire rating standards for UK furnishings.

The fabric can be dry cleaned or washed subject to the washing and drying guidelines noted above. If you feel the fibers stiffening after a few cleanings, wait until the fabric is fully dry and then give it a soft brush until the nap relaxes and returns to its softer hand.


DISTRESSED VELVET:  Max Width: 1.55 yd  |  Weight: 6.49 oz  |  Hand or cold machine wash on low; do not soak  |  Dry flat; do not wring  |  Do not iron

Our sumptuous and stylish distressed velvet fabric has a soft and smooth face, with a beautiful dappled pile facing multiple directions that catches the light and reveals depth and movement in the printed pattern when viewed from different angles. Color hues will also appear to change slightly in the light. The fabric features a lustrous sheen that adds considerable richness and depth to the face of the fabric.

The fabric can be dry cleaned or washed subject to the washing and drying guidelines noted above. If you feel the fibers stiffening after a few cleanings, wait until the fabric is fully dry and then give it a soft brush until the nap relaxes and returns to its softer hand.

COTTON LINEN:  Max Width: 1.53 yd  |  Weight: 6.72 oz  |  Wash at 86°F (30°C)  |  Dry flat; do not wring  |  Low heat iron

Our all-natural Cotton Linen fabric is a union blend of 95% cotton and 5% linen plant fibers that is water absorbent and highly breathable. This predominantly cotton textile uses a plain weave construct with occasional slub yarns in the weft to add a bit of personality and slight texture to the solid opaque body. A heavier-weight blend, this fabric features a predominantly even finish that feels smooth to the touch. The addition of linen strengthens cotton and slightly stiffens the finish and drape, increasing strength and durability and rendering the firm feel to the fabric. Despite the slightest bit of elasticity in the weft and bias, the fabric holds shapes well and easily returns to its original shape.

The base tone of the fabric is an off-white cream with a matte finish that imparts a bold range of intense colors and highly detailed patterns. As with all slightly textured fabrics, occasional variations or diminutive voids in the printed pattern may appear but are part of the unique and distinctive character of this natural material.


SMOOTH SATIN:  Max Width: 1.73yd  |  Weight: 4.72oz  |  Wash at 86°F (30°C)  |  Low tumble dry heat / hang to dry or dry flat; do not wring  |  Low heat iron; do not steam

A poly-blend, sateen-faced twill, using spun yarns in a plain sateen weave, this smooth satin fabric has a medium weight of 4.7oz. The draping of this fabric is smooth and fluid with a tight weave that holds as a strong, slightly stiff and firm material. Being quite a stiff material, it is taut in both the warp and weft directions, with a small amount of elasticity and stretch along the bias.

The front face texture of the material is silky soft with a shiny outward appearance, while the back has a more matte, grainy texture. The fabric is opaque, albeit thin, with a base color of stark white, allowing for highly detailed prints and imagery, with crisp lines and exact detailing. Prints on this fabric are highlighted by the sheen on the sateen face, reflecting a high degree of light and suggesting a glossy finish.

This is a good everyday fabric, suitable for furnishings and interior accessories because of its strong lifespan. It can give the occasional fray, but the material lasts far longer if edges are closed.

This fabric can tolerate a medium temperature wash and a medium temperature tumble, so to preserve the quality of the fabric, take care not to exceed the recommended temperatures. This material will return to its regular shape if you simply lay it flat, so tumble drying is not necessary. Do NOT use any steam on this fabric.


BULL DENIM:  Max Width: 1.64 yd  |  Weight: 11.80 oz  |  Wash at 86°F (30°C)  |  Dry flat; do not wring  |  Iron with steam

“Bull Denim” is a term that refers to a 100% cotton denim fabric that’s woven completely from white threads. Made from pure cotton, this heavy weight denim fabric is a tough, hard wearing textile constructed in a distinctive diagonal drill weave with long diagonal lines apparent on the surface. This is one of the heaviest and densest fabrics we use, but the soft qualities of natural cotton keep it flexible and ideal for custom printing. Tightly woven and taut with no elasticity, this denim fabric is a perfect choice for upholstery projects like pillows, seat cushions, seat covers, or even headboards.

The beautiful cream-white base tone that comes from natural cotton gives prints a slight warmth to them. Printed patterns are strong, and color-fast; however, as with all hard-wearing denims, the color may fade over time with heavy use, giving a distinct retro look.

If you purchase this fabric by the yard for a home project, make sure you use a special denim needle, as denim fabrics can break standard sewing machine needles. Go slowly, turning the wheel of your machine by hand for thick segments; and press your seams flat, using plenty of steam.


CHENILLE:  Max Width: 1.60 yd  |  Weight: 9.73 oz   |  Wash at 86°F (30°C)  |  Dry flat; do not wring  |  Do not iron

Our soft chenille fabric is made of spun chenille yarn using a tight traditional chenille weave construct that creates the classic “caterpillar” pile on the face of the fabric. Using poly fibers to create a thin warp and a thick weft, the fabric weighs 9.7oz , and its weight combined with its unique weave makes the material quite thick, strong, and durable. The fabric is a water absorbent material.

This fabric is very soft, strong, has a good drape, and is somewhat translucent when light is shone through it. Other than a very slight give in the fabric, it is taut with a stiffness to it, making it easy to handle for upholstery projects. The thick texture of chenille holds up well in everyday life, as it is one of the strongest and toughest fabrics popular for its durability.

With an element of comfort from the surface texture, the custom printed Chenille fabric’s caterpillar pile has a subtly busy surface that catches and reflects light in interesting ways. The surface texture in no way interferes with the print, so you can expect crisp high-quality imagery and fine lines.