How we can help

Although most of our staging clients come through realtor referrals, we also work directly with homeowners who intend to sell their home in the near future, whether that home is occupied or unoccupied. 

Anytime we live in our homes for a while, we personalize everything in it and fill each room with objects that make our lives more comfortable or functional.  Those selections are highly personal and specific.  What we perceive as necessary, others (buyers) perceive as clutter.  The label “clutter” does not mean bad taste.  Rather, clutter collectively describes those items in our homes that distract buyers from the house, causing them to perceive a space as smaller than it actually is or to miss key attributes that make the home unique.  Through our staging services, we offer a fresh eye to help you show your home at its best.

Even in a clutter-free home, proper staging can distinguish your home from other competition on the market by demonstrating the beauty and usability of every space in and around the house.  Staging selections can help direct attention to the unique attributes of your home, minimize weaknesses, and contribute to an overall sense of comfort and relatability, important perceptions to help buyers emotionally connect with your home.  Staging can also show buyers how to utilize flexible living spaces or to optimize awkwardly sized or misshapen rooms.

You may only need clutter removed and furniture and accessories rearranged in a way that puts the home in its best light, or the home may require more involved projects like repairs, updated décor or furnishings, or tackling maintenance that has been deferred, but will surface on an inspection report.

If you are flexible as to when you will list your house for sale, we may offer make-ready suggestions that can position your home more competitively when it is finally released to market.  Such suggestions might range from light redesign projects (e.g., new paint selections, furniture refinishing and/or reupholstery, upgrading outdated light fixtures, changing out window coverings) to minor remodeling ideas that can increase your ultimate sales price (e.g., refreshing a dated bathroom, improving storage, refinishing worn cabinetry, converting an extra living area to a new bedroom, or repositioning doorways to improve flow or convert a hall bathroom to a private master en-suite).  No one knows better than you the limitations of your home.  With a little advance planning, you can finally resolve those issues and contribute added value and interest in your home.

At the end of the day, staging and any redesign projects should help position your home to sell in a shorter time for top dollar.  Budgets obviously depend on the scope of work needed, but the main objective in staging is to greatly reduce the likelihood for a listing price reduction, which is almost always considerably more expensive than the cost of staging.