How we can help...

You know your trade, certainly far better than we do.  By now, you are familiar with the benefits and the data supporting home staging.  You're either a believer, or you're not.  Maybe you believe, but you get tired of seeing the same (often traditional style) rental furniture that some stagers use repeatedly because it's what's readily available.

While our aesthetic may not be for everybody or every house, buyers and agents have responded overwhelmingly positively to our contemporary/transitional style with each project we've taken on.  It's not unusual for buyers and looky-loos to ask to buy our furnishings.  If fact, repeated requests for staging from real estate agents was the catalyst that prompted our launch of a dedicated staging business. 

On a personal level, we prefer staging projects with heavy involvement of a realtor.  You know the competition and what buyers will perceive as perks and drawbacks of the property.  We will formulate a staging plan to reflect the highest and best use of flexible spaces and to highlight amenities that might not be immediately obvious to a buyer who is rushing through a first viewing.  If an offer is not received in the first few weeks the house is on the market, we like to understand the positive and negative feedback that agents are sharing on the property and explore staging options that might help mitigate any concerns.

If you have a seller with a significant list of make-ready tasks, feel free to involve us early.  Really, the earlier, the better.  Just because a house is not ready to stage does not mean we cannot offer real solutions.  Our extensive remodeling experience enables us to suggest quick and economical solutions to many problems.  As just one example, if you're facing a barren landscape, let us tackle that for you!  It may mean a higher than average "staging" budget, but we understand firsthand how to spruce up a yard -- and countless interior spaces -- without breaking the bank.