residential staging and redesign

Does your home have known issues that buyers may shun?  Are you preparing to sell your house but have concerns that your decor or personal "clutter" may alienate buyers?  Maybe your landscape (or lack thereof) needs a quick and economical fix so buyers will not simply drive on to their next listing appointment.  

No house is perfect for every buyer, but home stagers help you minimize the negative issues, while highlighting features that encourage buyers to emotionally connect with your home. Our staging services help prospective buyers or clients see a space for its fullest potential.  If your structure is more than 10 years old, then some portion of will undoubtedly feel dated.  It doesn't matter how old your space...we can find the way to make it appeal to a new buyer.  

We can assist with the full gamut of issues you might be facing, whether you need to update wall or flooring finishes, convert an existing room to a new function, replace tired decor, or simply reduce or rearrange existing furniture to redress awkward floor plan issues. You get the same attention to detail and design expertise the market has grown to expect from our larger scale renovations under the Restoric brand name.


why we are different

upStaged comes to you from the design team behind Restoric Designs and Restoric Properties. The Restoric design business got its start delivering whole house remodels and restorations that celebrate the historic context of original, historic structures.  That means we have considerable experience taking outdated homes and preparing them to sell for premiums.   

Consistently, when we market our own properties for sale, one of the most common questions we are asked is who does our staging.  Well, we do... of course!  Although we always offered staging and "light" redesign services, it seems this concept often got missed in our "historic restoration" brand messaging.

After repeated requests for staging, we decided to provide a more focused forum for marketing and delivering our staging and redesign services, so in 2016, we launched upStaged as a separate business division. Whether you need help preparing your personal residence (homes and condos) for sale, a temporary residence (apartments, dormitories, and senior living units) for new tenants, or an event space, we have the means to oversee your preparations through to fruition, whatever the scope of services needed.  We stock an extensive inventory of specialty and transitional furnishings to render the impression of designer-curated approachable luxury.

We work not only with home sellers and real estate agents, but also with builders and investors.  In fact, most of our projects are unoccupied residences owned by seasoned real estate investors who appreciate our ability to luxuriously narrate an empty, undefined space.  It does not matter whether you own a single family residence, condo/townhome, or model home/unit that needs staging - we can help.  No project is too big or too small.

Our staged properties consistently sell fast and for top dollar, edging out the competition and frequently supporting new pricing records in the local market.  

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