This one was quite a doozy!  The foundation was completely rotted out, and the house was precariously leaning to one side after a drunk driver crashed his vehicle into the front porch and critically damaged two columns.  The prior owners decided to downsize and leave all the contents, including extensive collections of antiques, records, and minerals, behind when we purchased the house.  As we dug out, we cleaned, repaired, and donated as much furniture as possible to local residents and non-profit organizations and filled countless dumpsters with items that could not be recycled or reused.  The owners had not been able to physically maintain the house for an extended period of time, so we opted to replace all the systems in the house for the sake of a clean start.  To add to the difficulties, the house resides in a historical preservation district, so all exterior changes and repairs had to be pre-approved by the local landmark commission, a multi-month process.